FlexWallet 2006

Store and manage all your personal info on your Smartphone

FlexWallet enables you to securely store and carry any type of information on your Windows Mobile™ powered Smartphone device. Bank accounts, credit card information, emergency contact numbers, travel documents, software registration codes, online passwords, calling cards, gift ideas, clothing sizes, ATM Pins, you name it!

FlexWallet has a full-featured desktop version, industrial strength 128-bit encryption for maximum data security, the ability to create your own templates, over 110 colorful icons to visually identify your information, and much more.

Major features of FlexWallet:

  • Supports all Smartphone 2002 and 2003 devices. Optimized for landscape, VGA and QVGA modes on the latest Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition devices.
  • Full featured desktop version for easily entering and editing data. Automatic synchronization with your mobile device(s).
  • Secure encryption of all your information using redundant 128-bit algorithms.
  • Organize your information into multiple level categories and sub-categories.
  • Use the built-in templates or create your own to store almost any type of personal information.
  • Choose from over 110 attractive and consistently themed icons to identify your cards and categories.
  • Built-in Password Generator utility (desktop version).
  • Convenient keypad for easily entering numeric passwords.
  • Easily search for text stored in any card.
  • File sync utility to automatically synchronize wallet files with Smartphone devices.
  • Fast and robust C++ application with a professionally designed user interface for mobile devices.

A handy personal information manager for securely storing any type of data.

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FlexWallet 2006

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